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1) Apply double-sided tape to create a pole pocket on the top of your banner
2) Insert the plastic dowel provided to the top banner pocket
3) Slide the top of the banner with the plastic dowel into aluminium channel in top bracket
4) Mount the bottom banner onto the PVC film rolled inside the aluminium stand base, make sure the printing facing     front.
5) Keep holding tight the banner mounted on the PVC film while loosening & removing the screw to release the     tension roller
6) Allow banner to roll up into the banner stand
7) Pull up and roll down several times until the banner rolls smoothly inside the stand base.

Please handle with care, it is an indoor unit only

If banner does not roll up completely into stand or the PVC film retracted inside the case by accident, you may have to adjust the tension on the display. To do this, put the pin back to its original hole, remove the screws from the end(the other end from the pin) on the display with the FLAT roller connector, not the round one. Keeping tension on the roller as to not let the round end slide out of the other side of the stand, rotate cap clockwise 9 to 40 times or as much as is needed to pull banner all the way in the display. Replace the screws into the end of the cap and tighten

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